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La Esperanza para Nueva Vida (Hope for New Life) Community Center Launches Toy Drive
by Joe Houchin on September 27, 2013

Barb and Mark Olszewski are launching the annual La Esperanza para Nueva Vida (Hope for New Life) Community Center drive to collect Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers that are distributed among the 500 or more neighborhood kids during the all afternoon celebration held at the center in December. This year they also plan to include the kids of the Rolling Rockies...

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Adopt-A-Classroom Non-Profit Charity Reminds Us School and The Need for Supplies Begin in August

Since its founding in 2003 this non-profit has collected and distributed badly needed school supplies to tens of thousands of kids through 12 local schools here in Rocky Point. Beginning in August of each year, founders Barb and Mark Olszewski turn their attention and that of their friends and followers toward looking for pre-school sales on school supplies and share

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